[-Data Entry 10 – Shinigami Rising-]

[-Note from the Director's Director's Desk-]: S̶o̵ ̷A̶r̷c̸h̶i̵v̵i̵s̴t̴-̷s̷a̷n̷,̸ ̴D̴a̷r̸l̷i̶n̶g̵ ̸s̸a̶y̴s̸ ̵y̷o̵u̴'̸r̴e̶ ̶g̶o̶i̵n̷g̸ ̸t̵o̴ ̶r̴i̷p̶ ̵m̴y̵ ̵m̷e̸m̵o̶r̸i̸e̶s̴ ̶o̸f̴ ̸K̷a̵m̵i̷-̵s̷a̸m̷a̷,̴ ̵s̶o̸ ̷t̸h̸a̶t̶ ̴t̵h̵e̸ ̸g̶h̴o̵u̵l̴i̵e̴s̴ ̸d̷o̷n̶'̷t̴ ̴h̵a̵v̶e̶ ̴t̴o̵ ̶s̵o̷r̶t̶ ̶t̷h̸r̶o̵u̸g̶h̸ ̶m̸y̷ ̸c̴o̸r̴r̴u̷p̸t̸e̷d̸ ̶t̸e̴x̸t̶?̸~̵ [-Editor's Note to Dir's Dir-]: Of course ma'am, it should be painless and non-invasive. You will still retain your memories, I'm basically just scanning them and writing what comes out of the readout. [-Note from the Director's Director's Desk-]: A̶h̶ ̷f̵i̵n̶e̴,̵ ̷j̷u̸s̸t̵ ̶p̷l̵e̷a̵s̷e̷ ̵d̵o̶n̸'̶t̵ ̶m̷a̸k̷e̸ ̵i̶t̶ ̷w̵e̵i̸r̶d̴?̵ ̴D̴a̶r̷l̴i̴n̷g̶ ̴w̷o̵u̴l̷d̶ ̸H̴A̵T̶E̸ ̷t̴o̸ ̷k̶n̴o̵w̴ ̸y̷o̴u̶ ̴h̶u̶r̷t̵ ̸m̴e̶ ̶i̷n̸ ̷a̶n̴y̷w̸a̸y̶,̶ ̵A̷r̴c̵h̷i̴v̴i̴s̷t̸.̴.̷.̸.̷l̶i̶k̴e̶,̶ ̶t̵h̸r̵o̵w̷ ̶y̸o̸u̶r̷ ̵s̶k̸i̵n̵n̸e̸d̷ ̴c̸o̶r̴p̷s̸e̶ ̶o̵u̶t̴ ̵t̸h̷e̷ ̷a̵i̸r̶l̶o̸c̸k̶ ̸h̵a̸t̶e̵.̶ ̷ [-Editor's Note to Dir's Dir-]: A-ah, yes ma'am. I w-will, take the utmost care in reading out those readings.

[-SUBJECT OF RESEARCH-]: The mental and physical conditions of The Director's Director, and Matriarch of the Mirahiru Family during her ascension to a Shinigami at the behest of a wrathful god whom she has since overtaken.

[-SCOPE OF RESEARCH-]: To expand and explain the origins of The Director's Director's Shinigami abilities, and how she became as omnipotent as she appears in her current state.

I remember the day I died, well not really died.

More accurately, I remember the day IT came to me with a bargain. As I laid upon the ground, having been sliced to bits by a rival. One who had taken my father before me, a spirit...no, a god stood eyeing me pitifully as he approached the piece of me that had held my eyes.

“Oh woeful, pitiful human wallowing in regret and rage...do you wish you to live forever?” Its voice bellowed, its figure obscured so as to obfuscate its visage from mortal eyes. I did not know how to answer them, as I laid there and the pieces of flesh that had once been me twitched in a futile attempt to be reconstructed. Had I known what trials I would have to face, I think I would have been quicker to answer...knowing that my Darling lay at the end of those trials. But in that moment? I was silent, and the world grew dark.

Soon, the foul stench of a thousand deaths washed over me as I slowly regained consciousness and found myself whole again. “Where....where am I?” I finally said, despite the overwhelming aura of decay that engulfed the small atrium I now found myself in. There was no mistaking, I was in a cave or a structure somewhere.

“Are all skilled mortals so...confused or do you just not remember what this place is?” A dark, smug voice emanated from a grizzled and frail figure carrying a long blackened scythe in one bony set of fingers. I knew then, where it was I had been spirited away to.

“So, guess the quartering wasn't just another one of my nightmares then, eh gramps?” I said nonchalantly. Knowing that I was dead, and that it wasn't like he could make me any more dead than I was, all semblance of manners had vanished from me. It was as if I'd been sanded down, and what remained was my trained instinct and my pure unadulterated anger. I was pissed. I was angry at my father for being murdered, angry at my former Boss for setting me up on a fake job to do me in, and most of all? Angry at myself for falling for the whole ruse, for not straying more off the rails from what could have been.

“Off the rails, you say?” the old man said as if to read my mind, dressed in a finely tailored suit, his features still as frail and innocuous as they had been a moment ago. “Well missy, I can't let you go off against them in a blind fury or you'd be nothing more than a wraith or a Yuurei, and plainly? You're too valuable a tool, er..asset for that.” The man said, helping me up and staring up to face me.

“And just what does my value get me, Spirit Guide?” I said, and at this the man chuckled. “Oh missy, I am no spirit guide. I am a Shinigami, and a damn good one at that.” he retorted. “And what pray tell, does a Shinigami want with a high school dropout with Assassin training?” I pushed back, leaning into his face as he stood unfazed.

“I WANT to give you a job, but your shitty attitude is making it difficult to offer you redemption. Maybe I ought to take you apart, Humpty Dumpty style and see if all the King's men can put you back together again.” He said, smiling, a newfound confidence in his voice.

“Shit gramps, didn't take you for a psychopath. So, what's this job? What's it pay?” I said, waving off his poor taste in jokes. “What good would paying a walking set of lego blocks in the shape of a cat do?” he said, continuing to incite my anger almost as if he wanted me to try to swing at him. I tried, but as my fist entered the orbit around his aura it collapsed like a Jenga set with one too few pegs. “Point made gramps, so what do you want a pile of cat girl legos to do?” I said, giving in to his poor way with words. “I want you, missy, to be a reaper. I have been watching you work, and your ways of sadistic torture...I like it. I want you to roam the land undead and unfeeling, and...well, masticate the wicked so to speak,” he said coyly. I beckoned him to continue and clarify. “I want you, to scare the wicked, but don't kill them, immediately anyway. I want you to sow chaos and despair throughout the Earth. Burn em, torture em, make deals with em, until they BEG you to take them to Jigoku.”

My lips rose at this, into a sort of twisted smile. I was surprised at myself. This sense of pure....uncalled for and unladylike...joy. For the first time in my short twenty-five years of life..I felt...joy at the thought of masticating, torturing and capturing wayward souls. Before, it had been my way to pay off the debt my family owed...but with me, there was no family to pay off a debt and subsequently no debt.

I took the gramp's offer.

And from that day forward, I was not only The Whispering Cat of Death, I was Death – herself.

[– Mrs. Mirahiru bursts into a laughing fit here, even her memories couldn't hold in her laughter from the readout produced by the scan. –]

[– Report 10 Completed...for now. –]

[– Note from Management (read, Mr and Mrs. Mirahiru) –]: Yuki and I appreciate you all continuing to read entries from the Archive!~ O̶n̴c̷e̴ ̴D̵a̵r̷l̶i̵n̷g̷ ̶a̵n̶d̸ ̶t̴h̵e̶ ̷A̴r̷c̷h̷i̶v̷i̶s̴t̴ ̵c̵a̵n̸ ̸g̷e̴t̴ ̸r̷e̶p̸o̷r̶t̵s̵ ̷o̷u̸t̶.̵ ̸;̷3̶ ̸ Y-yuki! It h-hasn't been that long since the last update. Yuki makes a smug face W-w-whatever. So, what's this Kami's name? O̷h̵!̸ ̵H̸i̸s̴ ̶n̶a̸m̸e̴ ̶w̵a̸s̵ ̶[̸R̴E̶D̶A̴C̴T̵E̴D̶ ̷B̶Y̷ ̴K̵A̷M̷I̷]̶ O-O