[-Data Entry 12 – The Servant of Chaos –]

[Archivist Records – Authorized Access Only]

[-SUBJECT OF RESEARCH-]: The Archivist, and how he traded masters between the Director and the Director's Director, how he came to join the Chaos Gumi and why his role is entirely shrouded in classified reports, obfuscation and intrigue.

[-SCOPE OF RESEARCH-]: To provide any authorized information and collected reports of the Mysterious Archivist, and to provide insight to faithful readers who may have a passing interest in more of The Director's past life in the rough and tumble life of Mechacropolis.

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Who am I? My name, as given to me by Master Archknight of the Omega Syndicate in YOE 40516, is “That Guy”. Master Archknight, or as my subordinates within The Archive call him “The Director” has always had a terrible naming sense.

I was given the name “That Guy”, and I have stuck with it, because at the time I was a wanted subspecies within the city of Mechacropolis and had to hide my identity. Though his naming sense is awful, Master Archknight has always had a knack for finding and befriending those that society would call, “undesirable”. That is not to say, however that all the people Master Archknight comes in to contact with are layabouts and vagabonds, but more as to say he can see the hidden potential in almost anyone.

That is especially present in his choice of life partn- well, more like “Undead” life partner. At the risk of being ejected out the airlock by Lady Yuki, I will refrain from expounding too much on my thoughts of her. Though the majority of our newfound allies in Chaos and those surrounding the Chaos Gumi find her endearing......it cannot be said that I feel the same.

But that's beside the point, isn't it? You didn't come here to hear an old man ramble, now did you? And yes, I do mean to prattle on about much of nothing, as I am using the text to speech option on the terminal that The Archive, and by extension our association with The Chaos Gumi, has afforded me.

Why am I using text-to-speech? Well, does not everyone here use TTS in some respect? Again, I find myself diverting and espousing on nonsense.

Where do I come from? Do you really want to know such things?

Fine then, before I chased down Lady Yuki as she stole away my Master from our organization – I was a wanted criminal. Or at least, the Emperor would have you believe that.

In reality, I was a lad of [redacted] when I was found by the Imperial Police mid-rescue of some enslaved “sub mutants” of which Master Archknight himself is a part of within the empire. Assistance of “subspecies” was punishable by raid laser incision of the neck, colloquially known as “We're going to zap this laser across a table, slowly and painfully until we reach your neck and then cut it off.” But I didn't give a damn, and under Master Archknight and Lady Yuki, I've learned that giving a damn about someone getting after you for doing the right thing is a thing for “normies”.

So, I then found myself within the Empire's most dangerous weapon – the hallucination chamber. What is the hallucination chamber, you might ask? A hell hole. That's what.

Here I was, a lad of [redacted for scary legal reasons] being held in this multi-paneled room covered in screens. On the screens were warped images of my loved ones, whilst they blasted suggestive and very negative thoughts through speakers inlaid behind the screen. “I am a criminal.” “I am no better than a dog.”, etc. Basically, the intent here was to make the accused THINK they are in the wrong, and to break them down until they hallucinate that their loved ones think these thing about them, and they give in. Very spooky stuff.

For days, I laid in the corner whilst screens above and below drilled these falsehoods into my head. Then, a man in a long black coat entered the room with a guard. “That guy. Yeah, that guy there is with me, Jack.” he said, before lifting me up and slipping the guard a few million credits like he was paying for a meal.

This confident, self-assured and slick businessman was my future employer... Master Archknight Project Trial 23, later Mirahiru by marriage and “Arch” for brevity.

Later into my employment with Master Arch, I found that his self-confidence was a facade. Though, somehow seeing Master Arch quiver with anxiety made his inhumane actions within the Syndicate seem almost reasonable.

Under his command, I assembled the Infrastructure and Logistics wings of The Omega Syndicate. Headed up by his beautiful secretaries, each a specialist within their regions, their work led to the foundation of the Syndicate's finances.

It continued this way for a few years until the year 40519 when Lady Yuki arrived in Syndicate Airspace. (Yes, we moved quickly in those days and YES we owned the literal sky above our facilities.) Recalling in its entirety, I believe it was Harumin of the Shizuan Sector who identified a terrifying lullaby being sung from an enormous black cloud that descended upon Master Archknight's quarters after he'd taken in some street kids for the expansion of our rackete- I mean, “Rent Allocation” businesses. We would later discover that night, that the two boys brought in were actually each members of the Royalists Guild who served to preserve the Emperor's Rule against our ...less than above board business dealings.

Thanks to Lady Yuki's intervention, we were down one leader and gained two King's Heads. Harumin quickly came from her desk in the Inner Tower and notified me that, “Some Shizuan Lady clad all in black scooped up Leader-san.” Lady Yuki has the same tendency to use these strange word endings, but in this moment it seemed particularly disconcerting. “Then, where is said 'Shizuan Lady'.” I at last asked, my bewilderment obvious on my face. “Yes...about that, Guy-san.....they're headed toward some kind of anomaly that has localized itself in Syndicate Airspace above our complex. ” Harumin said, continuing with the word endings I so despised. “Right, well..shall we chase it?” “Unfortunately sir, Imperial troops swooped in to seize the flying Shizuan....but they have disappeared.” Harumin said, looking down dejectedly. “So...can we do anything about it?” I asked, knowing what we COULD do, but not knowing if Harumin as head of the Safety Division would allow it. “Hm...we anticipated you'd ask Guy. So we scrambled all available squadrons to intercept...cloaked within the Imperial reinforcements of course.” At this, Harumin let slip a devious smile. She'd always enjoyed when we got one up on those damn Royalist scum.

Thus, I joined our covert fleet and eventually followed them to an unconquered world....a world you know, as Earth. But we in Andromeda know as...The Last Terra. Anyway, I've spoken too much, and the rest of this story is basically just that our regiments docked with the Despair...and here we are.

A middle-aged man, talking into a terminal aboard this Flying Dutchman of a Research vessel. What new wonders we will see, and what chaos we shall sow here on Earth with the help of Master Arch and Lady Chaos herself...is an open study. We hope you will continue to read further entries in this long epoch, as we expand and explain both the past and the present of our journey into Chaotic Expansion.

[-Report 12 Completed? – ]