[—Data Entry 2 — Proj Archknight Exp. # 23, or Mr. Archknight Mirahiru—]

[—Incoming Request from [~Yuki-Sama~], TOP PRIORITY!]: H̶e̸y̸!̵ ̷H̴e̶y̴!̸ ̴A̵r̴c̶h̴i̶v̶i̶s̷t̴-̵s̷a̸n̵,̴ ̶c̷a̶n̷ ̷y̴o̴u̶ ̸h̴u̵r̵r̷y̵ ̴a̷n̸d̶ ̶g̵e̷t̵ ̴o̸n̶ ̵w̶i̵t̷h̴ ̷t̴h̴e̴ ̵i̶n̷t̷e̴r̷v̸i̶e̵w̶.̵.̴.̷.̴.̶.̵I̵ ̵m̸i̸s̵s̸ ̸D̶a̷r̶l̴i̵n̴g̵.̷.̸.̷m̷y̶ ̵d̸e̵a̸r̷ ̶f̴o̶x̶ ̸b̶o̵y̵,̴ ̶d̸o̷n̵'̸t̷ ̸l̷e̵t̸ ̶t̴h̷i̷s̵ ̸g̶u̷y̸ ̴e̵a̴t̵ ̷u̷p̶ ̸y̵o̶u̴r̴ ̷t̷i̴m̴e̴,̵ ̷o̸k̵a̶y̷?̴ ̴L̸o̷v̵e̶ ̷y̸o̷u̶.̷ ̶~̸<̴3̸

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: To describe and explain Director Archknight Mirahiru's life prior to his marriage to Director's Director Yuki Mirahiru and back in The Andromeda Galaxy on Omega-3 and have him describe for us what life was like prior to his transport from Fearsome, Gruesome, and Cruel Leader of the Omega Syndicate to...[“May I say this about you, Director?” The Archivist says, looking away to avert his gaze from The Director's sudden grimace and pained expression. “I will allow it, Archivist. ONLY in part due to the fact that my wife has deemed it accurate and canon.” The Director said finally, his face gloomy. No doubt a reflection of the fearsome terror/cruelty which lay underneath Dir's Director Yuki's sweet smile...AHEM!] “Fluffy, cuddly and loveable fluff ball” for hundreds of viewers and followers on Twitch.tv and Twitter.

—“Hometown”: The Laboratory of Dr. M. Alleyce on Colony-3, Defense Advanced Research Wing,Omega-3 within the Great Empire of Ahvalen. —“Birth” day: Trial #23, Equatoria 6, Recreational Season [Recresea] in Year of the Emperor [YOTE] 40496 [Earth Equivalent: June 5 1996.]

— Convicted by The Order of Justice of: [Up-to-date as of Equatoria 5, Recreational Season, YOTE 40520[Earth Equivalent: May 25 2020] – Blasphemy Against the Emperor [Punishment: Death] – Illegal Transport of Scientific Cargo [Punishment:1000 rounds of Combustible Ammo] – Transport of Contraband with Adverse Health Affects [Punishment: Death by Lethal Injection] – Acts against carbon-based lifeforms, up to and including organized crime. [Punishment: Recruitment into the Order of Sacrificial Lifeforms] ///DATA OVERLOAD....Loading 4325 additional entries///

—Age: Andromeda: 25 // Earth: 24 —Species: Genetically Enhanced Fox/Man hybrid developed by Dr. Alleyce and her Assistant Dr. D Speir. [Known by Dir Dir. Yuki as “Kitsune”] —Height: 5'7” Andromeda// 5'8” Earth —Weight: 300lbs [97.8% muscle] Andromeda // 225lbs [94% Muscle (“Burgers are delicious”)] Earth —“Family”: Dr. M. Alleyce [In Hiding] Dr. D Speir [Court Researcher in Advanced Projects] Experiments 0-22 [Recycled for DNA Analysis due to various defects] Archknight Experiments 24-29 [All Female, currently MIA] —Profession prior to “rescue” by his wife: CEO of “Ark Import and Exports”, a front for the Omega Syndicate who dealt in arms for foreign powers, as well as the Empire. —Profession following “rescue” by his wife: Vstreamer/Reformed Fox boy/Coder/IT Pro

[Brief Backstory of The Director [From Audio Transcript on Prompt, “Where do you come from, Mr. Mirahiru?”] ]:

So you really, really want to hear about all that? Fine...

I was never born, not as far as anyone fully human would consider birth to be. My first visage of this reality was from the inside of an incubator, slowly growing and becoming larger and larger over the years. I was fed simulations of life, as it had been within the empire for 40k years prior to my being brought into existence.

By the end of that glorified nature documentary on the savagery of this godforsaken empire, I was what Omegians and you Earthlings would consider 18 years of “age”. I had never walked, never spoken, breathed Omega air, and I had never seen anyone more generically evil scientists as Dr. Alleyce and Dr. Speir. The contrast between their alabaster skin, their glowing red spectacles, the glistening of their tight black lab coats and the devilishly excited grins they had stuck to their faces created an aura of pure Malice and Despair. Ironic, isn't it? Dr. Marianova Alleyce II and Dr. Debrinot Speir, their initials sound out Malleyce and DSpeir and that is exactly what I felt as they approached me with sickening grins and an assortment of apparatus to”gauge my combat ability”.

I was unwittingly, a participant in Project Archknight – which was a sickening project by The Empire to raise and or grow fully capable and enhanced super soldiers for their ongoing campaign against Xenos entering Imperial Space who required culling for the sake of Chaos.

Naturally, as any sane of you Xenos would have done...I escaped. How I escaped? That's much too graphic even for someone as chaotic and evil as I or Yuki. [Here, Arch whispered into my ear what he'd done to Dr. Alleyce and Dr. Speir when he'd learned they intended to bend him to their will...and I will agree that even as one who intends to study them in detail...the things this Fox did to what would be considered his mothers...is gruesome.]

Anywho, to make chapter and chapters of a light novel shorter, basically there I was....a few years after going on the run from a pack of Chaos minded psychopaths...making a small “business” which may or may not have been a hostile Xenos-leaning Criminal Mob...when they finally get the drop on me, see? I guess leaving a trail of bodies, crimes and will do that, huh? [Here, Arch goes on to describe the structure, organization and orders from his underlings as he built up the Omega Syndicate from a group of Experiments like him to a full fledged Criminal Organization. For the sake of brevity, we will leave these escapades for either mentions in future streams or entries in the Archive. The detail is..sickening to put it lightly.]

Over the years, I picked up what I could of computers and used that small bit of knowledge to benefit my “business” cough Omega Syndicate cough. In this situation, it helped a lot...because as I was about to be put under ice by a couple of up-starts...I heard the flutter of what I thought were wings... It turns out to be the wind rippling off of my dear wive's tails as she soared across the smog-filled atmosphere of Omega-3 like a Cyber-Valkyrie [This is like a cyborg whose body has been augmented with airfoils which resemble wings and are trained in medical treatment, hence the name] as I had screamed bloody murder to be saved. Pathetic, I know. As if to hear my prayers though, Yuki came to protect me. I'm not sure what happened to those damned up-starts but I do know the sound of bodies hitting pavement. That was the last sound I heard as she enveloped me in the soft, almost cozy tendrils on a several hour, month, year, I'm not sure anymore....journey to a planet she calls Earth.

When we arrive in looks to be a make-shift spaceship slowly orbiting the Earth, she describes to me the idea of “Vtubing” or “Virtual Streaming” and I take a liking to it. From my perspective, that of a cutthroat forced to make ends meat off the slaughter of innocents? Being a chilled out, calm even, “Vtuber” seems like the kind of eternal vacation I needed. I agree, and the rest...as they say here, is history. Are we done now? My wife is probably worried sick without me, and I need to be with her....reliving that “birth of mine...really puts a weird twinge to my personality I don't like. Yuki rushes into the room and hugs me tighter than I've ever been hugged

“Y̸o̷u̸ ̵d̶o̸n̷'̵t̵ ̷h̵a̶v̴e̷ ̶t̸o̶ ̷h̵u̸r̸t̶ ̶a̸n̵y̶o̵n̸e̸ ̴a̴n̸y̴m̵o̴r̴e̸,̸ ̴d̴a̷r̴l̵i̵n̶g̴.̸ ̶Y̵o̶u̶'̸r̸e̴ ̴n̷o̵t̷ ̵a̸ ̵w̵e̴a̴p̴o̵n̸ ̶u̷s̴e̸d̷ ̵f̵o̴r̸ ̵e̶v̷i̸l̸.̶ ̷Y̵o̸u̷ ̵a̷r̷e̴ ̷a̵ ̸b̵r̴i̵n̷g̷e̶r̶ ̶o̵f̸ ̴c̷h̸a̷o̶s̷ ̶a̶n̴d̷ ̷h̶a̸p̵p̷i̵n̶e̷s̴s̸ ̶t̵o̷ ̶t̴h̵o̴s̶e̸ ̴t̸h̶a̴t̴ ̸n̸e̶e̶d̵ ̵a̸ ̶l̷i̴t̷t̴l̵e̸ ̵l̵i̷f̸t̶,̵ ̵a̶ ̷p̷e̵p̶ ̸i̴n̴ ̶t̷h̴e̸i̸r̶ ̶s̵t̵e̴p̴ ̶a̴n̶d̶ ̸a̷ ̷s̷m̵i̸l̶e̵ ̴o̸n̷ ̷t̸h̸e̴i̵r̵ ̴f̵a̵c̴e̴.̵ ̶W̶e̷ ̸c̸a̷n̵ ̶s̸t̷i̸l̵l̶ ̸b̶e̷ ̸e̶v̸i̵l̶,̴ ̷b̴u̴t̸ ̸l̸e̶t̵'̴s̶ ̴b̶e̷ ̷d̵e̶v̸i̶l̸i̶s̴h̷y̶ ̵h̷a̸n̶d̵s̶o̶m̴e̶ ̸i̶n̷s̴t̷e̸a̷d̷,̵ ̷o̵k̸a̶y̴?̵” These were the first words she said after explaining the idea to me...and since then, I've been madly, deeply in love with her. ~<3 Anyway, I gotta run to her now, I'm not Experiment 23 anymore btw. The name's Archknight Mirahiru. I don't belong to that empire anymore, here I am my wife's and with her we will make so many new friends it'll be amazing. I swear by it.


[—REPORT 02 completed, Love finally acquired.—]