[—DATA ENTRY 4-The Cruel Fox of Omega meets The Whispering Cat of Death—]


[NOTE FROM THE DESK OF THE DIRECTOR]: Today the Archivist and I are pseudo-collaborating on this report, thus he and I will be writing separate reports and both should be released tonight. We usually try to get these reports done well in advance or within the night, as the cover of night breeds creativity but that was not possible this week. Yuki sneezes Please enjoy in place of that, a very special story of how Yuki and I first met aboard the TIE (Tecnicae Inperatorius Eversor) Despair.

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: To answer the inquiry of several individuals with an interest in the activities of The Chaos Gumi, and our Directors Mr. and Mrs. Mirahiru. Colloquially known on this planet, as “Viewers/Followers” or “Ghoulies”. Within this report, the research gathered here is primarily from Director Archknight's perspective, but the second report of tonight/tomorrow will be from Director's Director Yuki's.

[Report 04- The Merciless Fox of Omega-3 Meets Japan's Whispering Cat of Death]

My morning that day, started like any other day as leader of the largest criminal organizat- Pardon me, “totally legitimate import/export business” in the Imperial Domain of Empress Juliana Joeslyn XIV. That is to say, with my associates and I settling a dispute with a former conspir- I mean, “Business Associate” whom had spoken ill of our business practices and methods to Her Majesty, the Empress. Of course, we settled this dispute in a totally reasonable manner – by removing both his eyes and surgically removing his tongue. Looking back, we could have settled that dispute via more traditional means such as legal action or the like, but I do not regret our methods that day. Mostly due in no small part to my legal obligation to his next of kin that he went “missing” whilst on a business meeting with my aforementioned associates and I, and not that we tortured, maimed and fed his body to Bearsharks in Lake Arcturus. We most certainly did not torture him for information and were most definitely not surveying his family's home before my transference to Earth. Later, as we returned to Arch Manor via Rotorcopter Transport, I began to hear a voice calling out to me, a voice I could make out as speaking Shizuan, an Omega equivalent to Japanese on Earth. But I disregarded it. As I continued and soon split from my Associates, a group of upstarts from lower ranked in the Syndicate made their way to my office. There, they cornered me and uttered the last words I'd hear within the Empire. “Chief Arch, The Empress sends her regards to the man unlucky enough to examine your body when we finish with you.” As Darius Joeslyn, my former right hand man and voice to the Empress herself uttered these words, the Shizuan voice I'd heard before screamed. She screamed, in both panic and surprise. I took it to mean, death herself had finally come to take a scoundrel like me to the 9th circle of what Earthlings call Hell.

However, as I began the Shizuan prayer I'd learned from a maiden just before my associates and I had put her up for sale in the local market..their voices suddenly were squelched in the next instant by a slice through the air.

In the next instant, I opened my eyes to see their heads on the ground and a beautiful, purple eyed angel clothed in a long, purple and black dress, propelled by long purple tails land in front of me with outstretched arms. “Ne, you need....escape, r-right?” She said nervously, approaching me and hugging me tightly. “Huh?” I responded in short, dumbfounded by how nonchalantly she could end the lives of Omegians and barely think about them. Her eyes locked on mine, full of a mixture of curiosity as her semi-transparent figure glittered in the dim artificial light and slowly, silently holding me tightly as our foreheads touched. “Uhmm..I guess so. I don't think I can stay in the Colony anymore, that's for sure.” She seemed confused by this response, but leaned down and curled her tails around us just the same. “Jya, then how about I take you as far as I can from here, is that okay?” she said, slowly regaining her confidence. “Y-you can do that..?” As I uttered those words, in the next instant the world around me went dark. When I awoke, I was on the bridge of some spaceship I was only vaguely familiar. It..it was the ship I'd always dreamed of as a I was building the Omega Syndicate up from the ground up with other Xenos like this girl who now loomed over me. “W-where..?” I began before she cut me off. “Made from your memories. Good stopping point before home.” She said, looking out the port windows and smiling. Down below was the image of a planet we'd later know as Earth but which Yuki had described as, “An oasis in the desert of space,” once she'd basically taken me on as a host. Turns out that, the beautiful spectral woman in front of me is called Yuki. And as we spent more time together on the TIE Despair, orbiting slowly around Earth? We would soon find ourselves...together forever. The Cruel Fox from Omega-3, and the Whispering Cat of Death. A union blessed in Chaos and forged in eternal bondage. ~

[Note from Research Team]: Apologies for the scuff involved in this report, The Director was responsible for this update and...his “medication” kicked in more effectively than previous trials suggested. We will review his medical diagnostics in future releases. Thank you again for reading.

[—Report 04 finally completed, beta post fufilled.—]