[-DATA ENTRY 7 – The Cruel Fox of Omega: Origins –]

[-NOTICE FROM THE DESK OF THE DIRECTOR and THE DIRECTOR'S DIRECTOR-]: H̴e̸h̷e̴h̸,̸ ̴y̷a̸y̴!̷~̶ ̶D̴a̴r̸l̷i̸n̸g̵ ̶a̷n̶d̷ ̵I̷ ̴h̷o̵p̷e̴ ̸y̸o̵u̶ ̷e̵n̷j̸o̵y̸ ̶t̵h̶i̶s̶ ̶d̶a̸t̴a̵ ̶e̵n̷t̸r̶y̷,̶ ̶e̷v̴e̴n̵ ̸i̶f̸ ̶D̵a̶r̷l̸i̸n̴g̴ ̷c̶h̸o̸s̶e̷ ̵a̸ ̷k̸i̷n̵d̷a̵ ̸c̶l̶i̷c̷h̸e̶ ̸n̷a̴m̶e̶.̴ ̷~̵ H-honey, the Archivist chose this title. Not me. I mean, I kinda think it evokes like, strength and determination. Yuki smiles and ruffles my hair A-anyway, tonight's entry SHOULD be quite interesting for you all. We hope you enjoy!~

[-SCOPE OF RESEARCH-]: To delve deeper into the past that The Director would rather we all have forgotten upon his transference by his loving wife, The Director's Director. Within this entry, the Research provided by Omegian Crime Reports and reconstructed scenes from forensic technology only available on Omega and here on the T.I.E Despair.

[-REPORT 07: Founder's Trials-]


The first memory I can recall after leaving Dr. Speir and Alleyce's is the sensation of falling – due in no small part to a fact I would learn in short order. Which is to say, their medical experiments were conducted upon a floating research platform TIE Sojourn. Specifically, we were 1.8km above a vast Omegian ocean, which glimmered with streaks of the radioactive runoff from a nearby coastal processing plant.

Now, I would very soon learn that I was pretty resistant to surface tension. Or at least, I psychologically didn't perceive the pain one usually experiences traveling at high velocity towards a body of water. Personally, I blame the fact I was hours old and had already dulled myself to trauma after killing Dr. Speir and critically injuring Dr. Alleyce. But whatever the cause, I hit the water and the next moment I was ashore. Supposedly, I'd been carried there by an Imperial fisherman who'd seen me fall from the complex, obfuscated by clouds so as to appear as if I'd fallen from near-space. Said fisherman relayed this to me as he provided me a change of clothing and a few credits before leaving me at a small service station with a “May the Empress guide your travels” as he sauntered off into unforgiving darkness of the island of Discrete.

The service station, which to an Earthling might appear to be a “Park Ranger's station” with more guns, artillery and with soft musings of what humans call “Electroswing” filling the halls, sat at the edge of the looming megacity known only as the Mechcropolis. That is to say, machines drifted to this wayward town to either be recycled, dismantled or destroyed.

For Omegians who somehow called this barren and dystopian Mechanized outpost home, the same could be said of them. They had drifted from province to province before ending up on Discrete and setting up shop in the Mechcropolis, and were either made better by the dire straits, torn apart by them, or never live to leave the Mechcropolis – becoming like the bones which littered the more...“less traveled” alleyways within the sprawling megacity.

I myself, would say that as a summary of what I would make of myself? I am one of the lucky ones who was recycled from rouge science experiment to merciless killer turned Virtual being. How I became the leader of the Omega Syndicate? That's easy. If not for Katherina, I would not have built the enterprise that many Omegian citizens call the “Unseen Hands” of Mechcropolis.

Katherina, though my spectral wife is 1000x times more attractive (I swear by the Empress and Chaos herself that she's not holding a large, sharp object to my throat as I write this report), was a tall and rather imposing figure whomst came to my aide as I was looking for “legitimate” employment within Mechcropolis. Her long, dark brown hair accented by neon streaks of various designs woven with miniature LEDs into the strands showed anyone who wished to observe, a tapestry of electronic madness. This, among other tricks, is how Katherina and I recruited our first “Associates” within the Syndicate. Who were, by complete and total coincidence, also happened to be...unique women of the four main races within the Imperial Domain.

I know that by now, my spectral wife is doubting my words here, but I completely stand by the logistical necessity of my top associates being female and being from each of the four races. If one is fluent in Shizuian, Englin, Spraz, and Detsu [Known to Earthlings as: Japanese, English, Spanish, and German], then one is able to conduct totally legitimate shipping activities within all four of the Omega colony worlds. Thus, an interplanetary transport network has the ability to be established. As to why they were all women? Well, let us be honest. Even here in orbit around your planet, men are often weak to strong, independent women. Especially women backed up by yours truly, if I may so myself.

The Omegian tabloids will say I'm, “Merciless, needlessly cruel, and just an all around twisted leader of rebrobates” but I'd say I'm a shrewd business with...“creative” payment plans. Katherina was a native speaker in Englin. I say was, as just before Yuki spirited me away to this planet we now call home. Katherina...was...well, let's put in as PG-13 a way possible and say that at the coroner's depot, there was...“assembly required”.

I am proud of the people we connected via this transportation network, and the connections I made whilst participating in this grey market...but as to what went down and how it all blew up? That's a story for a whole other report.. For now, know that in the current time? There will be no assembly required for any Ghoulie or passerby as there was for the sods we...dealt with.

[-Report 07 – Completed...to be continued?–] [-Assembly? Not required.–]

[Footnote: THANK YOU FOR READING TONIGHT'S REPORT!~ If further expansion is requested, The Chaos Gumi will make strives to continue The Archivist's work and support The Archive in expanding its reach into the pasts and presents of The Director and his wife, the Director's Director.]