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[-Note from The Archive-]: We here at The Archive serve to report and document any and all information regarding The Chaos Gumi, The Director, and his wife The Director's Director, and The Mirahiru Family as a whole. However, from time to time rather than a full fledged and official reports, we will hazard to bring you pieces from deep into the life of The Chaos Gumi...think of it as sprinkles to our Chaotic Cake here at The Archive. So without further ado, we have a special recording which has just reached us here upon the Despair from Director Archknight's homeworld. Do enjoy.

[Jingle plays]

Praise be the Empress Ladies, Gents and Xenomechanical Scum!

[Cheers from a live audience erupts]

Breaking news this day, as renowned Shipping Magnate Archknight is seen spirited away from his headquarters in the glitzy Business District of Mechropolis City by a mysterious cat-like creature.

Could Dr. Alleyce, the Imperial Court's Head Biomechanist have been behind Archknight's mysterious disappearance? Imperial Guards have her imprisoned for crimes against Omeganity, and for her abominations supposedly created under under of the Empress. But, her influence over forces acting against the former Magnate puts her at the top of potential subjects.

Mr. Archknight had suspected ties to the infamous Omega Syndicate whose stance has always been anti-imperial, but Mr. Archknight is on-record as being indebted to the Empress for her generosity and magnanimity in helping him re-integrate into Omegian society. Reports remain inconclusive, but authorities will continue to investigate.

All employees of Omega Corp, the parent company to which all of Mr. Archknight's subsidiary companies report have been ordered to return to work despite this strange news and Mr. Archknight's third-in-command Destu native, Augusta Heindmaucker. Ms. Katherina Smathers, Mr. Archknight's second-in command and whom had a direct line to succession, refused to clarify why Ms. Augusta was selected. In an interview as she was seen leaving Omega Corp HQ, she simply stated. “Mr. Archknight left very specific instructions, and I am simply carrying out his last will and testament under the assumption he has passed.” Again, she has not said anything more on the subject, and has been unavailable for comment in the hours since this last night's disappearance.

The cat-like creature is thought to have been some unknown Xeno technology, but reports remain inconclusive on this first day of investigations. Imperial Cruisers in-orbit attempted to trace and pursue but as the object took a direct path through the void, further chase would be a violation of Imperial Law.

And now for, “The Adventures of Chaos Knights!”

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