[—The Ghoulie Den Archive /// An Introduction to Chaos—]

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: The documentation and expansion of The Mirahiru Family's past and present – because only Ghoulies can affect or document the future.

[NOTE FROM THE SUBJECTS OF STUDY]: If you're reading this, you've taken an interest in the life and un-life of Archknight and Yuki Mirahiru. Thank you for your interest in our lives, as well as the lore and love on the other side of the Twitch Chaos/Scuffiness.

[////Congratulations!~////] Welcome to the Ghoulie Den Archive, compiled under ruling of the Chaos Gumi and associated organizations. We here at what shall now be referred to as The Archive, thank you for choosing us for your edge-lord and Vtuber Lore needs and hope we can meet or exceed your needs for “MOAR LORE, lmao” to quote our Director and Director's Director, Archknight and Yuki themselves respectively.

Our mission is simple, to document and expand upon that which Archknight or Yuki would care to forget..and things even they may not quite recall, either by choice or....other means. We will hazard to, within this Ever-Expanding Archive, explain or at least justify the chaos which Mr. and Mrs. Mirahiru cause, or have caused throughout this realm....and maybe others. Every tome within this Archive is to be considered canon, but as with all things, is subject to change via the forces of Chaos.

[Report 00: Chaos] But just what is Chaos? That question is what we will hazard to calculate within what little time we have left in this report. Director Archknight advises that we keep these reports as terse as we can, but that we are free to explain just as freely in that allotted time. Returning to our original question, what is this “Good Chaos” to which the aforementioned Director refers to?

Well, dearest readers it is his Chaos. Chaos exists within two separate forms within the understanding of Yuki and Arch: That which is good, or is at least constructive and that which is bad and troll-like. Hence, Good Chaos and Bad Chaos. To expunge upon this idea, think of Yin/Yang but to which both ends are evil. There is no good, only varying shades of malevolent and twisted. If one is evil, but holds their hand out to others when they require assistance, this is Good Chaos. But if one is evil, and instead hits the aforementioned other with a truck because “the best way I could help him is to isekai him,” this is kind of hilariou- ER, I mean, totally pure evil and therefore is Bad Chaos.

The harbinger of this Chaos is Yu- Ominous growling noise from within The Archive Er....is well, she helps bring Chaos with Archknight. Growling subsists a bit Anyway, that is a brief explanation of Chaos. Look forward to more reports between Archknight and Yuki's Streams. ~

May Chaos and Good Tidings be with you.