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The Vtuber Lore of Archknight and Yuki Mirahiru [Past and Present]

[—DATA ENTRY 4-The Cruel Fox of Omega meets The Whispering Cat of Death—]


[NOTE FROM THE DESK OF THE DIRECTOR]: Today the Archivist and I are pseudo-collaborating on this report, thus he and I will be writing separate reports and both should be released tonight. We usually try to get these reports done well in advance or within the night, as the cover of night breeds creativity but that was not possible this week. Yuki sneezes Please enjoy in place of that, a very special story of how Yuki and I first met aboard the TIE (Tecnicae Inperatorius Eversor) Despair.

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: To answer the inquiry of several individuals with an interest in the activities of The Chaos Gumi, and our Directors Mr. and Mrs. Mirahiru. Colloquially known on this planet, as “Viewers/Followers” or “Ghoulies”. Within this report, the research gathered here is primarily from Director Archknight's perspective, but the second report of tonight/tomorrow will be from Director's Director Yuki's.

[Report 04- The Merciless Fox of Omega-3 Meets Japan's Whispering Cat of Death]

My morning that day, started like any other day as leader of the largest criminal organizat- Pardon me, “totally legitimate import/export business” in the Imperial Domain of Empress Juliana Joeslyn XIV. That is to say, with my associates and I settling a dispute with a former conspir- I mean, “Business Associate” whom had spoken ill of our business practices and methods to Her Majesty, the Empress. Of course, we settled this dispute in a totally reasonable manner – by removing both his eyes and surgically removing his tongue. Looking back, we could have settled that dispute via more traditional means such as legal action or the like, but I do not regret our methods that day. Mostly due in no small part to my legal obligation to his next of kin that he went “missing” whilst on a business meeting with my aforementioned associates and I, and not that we tortured, maimed and fed his body to Bearsharks in Lake Arcturus. We most certainly did not torture him for information and were most definitely not surveying his family's home before my transference to Earth. Later, as we returned to Arch Manor via Rotorcopter Transport, I began to hear a voice calling out to me, a voice I could make out as speaking Shizuan, an Omega equivalent to Japanese on Earth. But I disregarded it. As I continued and soon split from my Associates, a group of upstarts from lower ranked in the Syndicate made their way to my office. There, they cornered me and uttered the last words I'd hear within the Empire. “Chief Arch, The Empress sends her regards to the man unlucky enough to examine your body when we finish with you.” As Darius Joeslyn, my former right hand man and voice to the Empress herself uttered these words, the Shizuan voice I'd heard before screamed. She screamed, in both panic and surprise. I took it to mean, death herself had finally come to take a scoundrel like me to the 9th circle of what Earthlings call Hell.

However, as I began the Shizuan prayer I'd learned from a maiden just before my associates and I had put her up for sale in the local market..their voices suddenly were squelched in the next instant by a slice through the air.

In the next instant, I opened my eyes to see their heads on the ground and a beautiful, purple eyed angel clothed in a long, purple and black dress, propelled by long purple tails land in front of me with outstretched arms. “Ne, you need....escape, r-right?” She said nervously, approaching me and hugging me tightly. “Huh?” I responded in short, dumbfounded by how nonchalantly she could end the lives of Omegians and barely think about them. Her eyes locked on mine, full of a mixture of curiosity as her semi-transparent figure glittered in the dim artificial light and slowly, silently holding me tightly as our foreheads touched. “Uhmm..I guess so. I don't think I can stay in the Colony anymore, that's for sure.” She seemed confused by this response, but leaned down and curled her tails around us just the same. “Jya, then how about I take you as far as I can from here, is that okay?” she said, slowly regaining her confidence. “Y-you can do that..?” As I uttered those words, in the next instant the world around me went dark. When I awoke, I was on the bridge of some spaceship I was only vaguely familiar. was the ship I'd always dreamed of as a I was building the Omega Syndicate up from the ground up with other Xenos like this girl who now loomed over me. “W-where..?” I began before she cut me off. “Made from your memories. Good stopping point before home.” She said, looking out the port windows and smiling. Down below was the image of a planet we'd later know as Earth but which Yuki had described as, “An oasis in the desert of space,” once she'd basically taken me on as a host. Turns out that, the beautiful spectral woman in front of me is called Yuki. And as we spent more time together on the TIE Despair, orbiting slowly around Earth? We would soon find ourselves...together forever. The Cruel Fox from Omega-3, and the Whispering Cat of Death. A union blessed in Chaos and forged in eternal bondage. ~

[Note from Research Team]: Apologies for the scuff involved in this report, The Director was responsible for this update and...his “medication” kicked in more effectively than previous trials suggested. We will review his medical diagnostics in future releases. Thank you again for reading.

[—Report 04 finally completed, beta post fufilled.—]

[—DATA ENTRY 3 – The Legend of The Omega Syndicate—]

[18+ For Graphic Descriptions of Violence/Crime/Graphic Language]

[NOTE FROM THE DESK OF THE DIRECTOR]: Well met, Archivist!~ Yuki and I are currently on other missions for the advancement of Chaos within this Xenos System—///Radio Static/// D̵a̴r̶l̶i̵n̶g̵,̸ ̸y̵o̷u̴ ̵r̴e̸a̵l̵l̶y̸ ̵j̴u̷s̶t̶ ̴m̶e̷a̵n̸ ̶w̷e̵'̷r̸e̸ ̵w̷o̴r̵k̷i̸n̵g̸ ̸o̵n̸ ̶S̴a̴t̷u̸r̵d̷a̸y̷'̶s̴ ̵s̸t̸r̶e̴a̵m̷ ̶d̷o̷n̸'̶t̴ ̴y̴o̷u̵?̶~̴//Static subsides/// (Here The Director coughs and clears his throat, his flush cheeks showing slightly on the distorted monitor in front of me) AHEM, yes my dear. Preparation means we are spreading Chaos. Regardless Archivist, you are freer tonight to report on any myriad aspects of our lore. So please, do enjoy tonight's freedom to its fullest extent. FOR CHAOS AND GOOD TIDINGS! Director out!

(The Director says, as his video feed into our chamber cuts off and the monitor before us returns to the Image of Chaos Gumi, spinning softly)

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: As tonight is special for The Archive, the scope of our research shall be a personal favorite story told from the perspective of The Director of his rise to pure Villainy and Chaos in The Omega Syndicate and his eventual downfall and revival as the Archknight we know and love today. [Due to the brevity of this tale, we will likely require multiple arcs/parts to fully discuss this tale, so let The Director know, dear readers.]

As I was pouring over “Imperial Ruling and the Illusions of War Vol XXIII”, within what I had come to call The Grand Library, I began to ponder a question:

“Who are those voices? And what do they want with me?”

This came about because while I say “I” came to call it The Grand Library – to be brutally fucking honest? I hadn't the foggiest who the hell “I” was. Since I was brought here, to this large room covered in ornate marbling and mahogany shelves crammed to the brim with books on weird things like, “The Prince”, “Advanced Trigonometry/Calculus”, and “Battle cruisers and You Vol. I-IV” no one else has showed up. Not my paternal caretaker, not my maternal caretaker, not a guide, and not what “Social Skills for Trained Killers and Spies,” would call “friends and associates”.

To be honest, I didn't know where I originated from. All I knew then, was that one day I did not exist and the next “They” began calmly commanding me to “Learn, learn and do it quickly. We don't have room for failures.” in a soothing but dark tone. “They” accentuated this by flashing images of disfigured faces of children who looked fairly similar to me who had been disfigured with knife slashes and been torn apart, their bodies being ground to paste and synthesized into long strands of DNA; into my head as a whirlwind of gore and unnecessary cruelty. Their screams of fear and confusion mixed with the crushing of bones against an unfeeling mortar and pestle haunts me to this day....

Due in no undue part to this seeping sense of dread, I strove to be the best at whatever “They” were looking selfishly hope that I could avoid those other children's fates. And so it went on...for what I would later hear had been 18 years.

I would hear whispers from “Them” in my sleep and they would discuss in disturbing detail – what they'd done to the “Mistakes” that had failed to please them in the past.

That morning, as I pondered that question aloud..“They” finally responded, being truly within that name as both voices spoke in unison. “We, trial 23 ....are your creator,” they began, clearly enjoying the opportunity to speak to their experiment for the first time in what was apparently 22 previous trials. “and we have seen fit to allow you the opportunity to continue to please our empire.” “Ah...that empire I've been reading so much about, huh?” I said, in a mixture of sarcasm and disdain. Thankfully, for all their purported intelligence “They” either had never learned of sarcasm or were ignoring me and happy just to hear an intelligent response from one of their lab rats. They continued in spite of my implication that I didn't want to hear any more of this dribble...“And in order to move that along, we have seen fit to allow you to be free. Use your life wisely and for the Will of Chaos.” At this, my vision went white and my first taste of true sight, sound and the taste of the world came into view. The smell of blood, the sound of Cryo fluid and bodily fluids swooshing within tubes as my cocoon slid open and I fell to the floor, feeling Omega gravity for the first time. “Greetings, Trial 23. I am Dr. Marianova Alleyce, and this equally woman beside me is your other creater – Dr. Debrinot Speir. Starting today, your name shall be Archknight Project, trial 23. Or, Arch for short.” Dr. Alleyce said, the wrinkles under her eyes flexing as she spoke. She says she and Dr. Speir are the “most beautiful women in the Empire” but if such a thing were true, the standards for beauty are much lower than I remember reading. However, over the last 18 years it was their voices I remembered. It was their evil I heard come out from these hags as I laid in a mental prison...and it was evil I was out to eviscerate from my life. That, was the first time I'd ever used my hands...the hands they'd given me and taught to use as a weapon....As I removed the lives they used to destroy so many Xenos and my....“family” with. I gutted them, watching it all end in front of me. I let Dr. Alleyce survive, barely. She would never use her hands...but she would live. That was the first and last time I used mercy on Omega-3. I had truly become that which the Empire might have truly enjoyed. I was therefore known as....The Cruel Fox Reaper of Omega-3, the Head of The Omega Syndicate. I sought to avenge my fallen family, and to bring peace to and harmony to Xenos throughout the Empire. How did I do it? Well....


[Certain events have been altered by Imperial Law, but thank you dear readers for reading tonight's Report on the Life and Un-life of Mr/Mrs. Mirahiru. Tune in next time!~]

[—Report 03 completed, Terror acquired.—]

[—Data Entry 2 — Proj Archknight Exp. # 23, or Mr. Archknight Mirahiru—]

[—Incoming Request from [~Yuki-Sama~], TOP PRIORITY!]: H̶e̸y̸!̵ ̷H̴e̶y̴!̸ ̴A̵r̴c̶h̴i̶v̶i̶s̷t̴-̵s̷a̸n̵,̴ ̶c̷a̶n̷ ̷y̴o̴u̶ ̸h̴u̵r̵r̷y̵ ̴a̷n̸d̶ ̶g̵e̷t̵ ̴o̸n̶ ̵w̶i̵t̷h̴ ̷t̴h̴e̴ ̵i̶n̷t̷e̴r̷v̸i̶e̵w̶.̵.̴.̷.̴.̶.̵I̵ ̵m̸i̸s̵s̸ ̸D̶a̷r̶l̴i̵n̴g̵.̷.̸.̷m̷y̶ ̵d̸e̵a̸r̷ ̶f̴o̶x̶ ̸b̶o̵y̵,̴ ̶d̸o̷n̵'̸t̷ ̸l̷e̵t̸ ̶t̴h̷i̷s̵ ̸g̶u̷y̸ ̴e̵a̴t̵ ̷u̷p̶ ̸y̵o̶u̴r̴ ̷t̷i̴m̴e̴,̵ ̷o̸k̵a̶y̷?̴ ̴L̸o̷v̵e̶ ̷y̸o̷u̶.̷ ̶~̸<̴3̸

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: To describe and explain Director Archknight Mirahiru's life prior to his marriage to Director's Director Yuki Mirahiru and back in The Andromeda Galaxy on Omega-3 and have him describe for us what life was like prior to his transport from Fearsome, Gruesome, and Cruel Leader of the Omega Syndicate to...[“May I say this about you, Director?” The Archivist says, looking away to avert his gaze from The Director's sudden grimace and pained expression. “I will allow it, Archivist. ONLY in part due to the fact that my wife has deemed it accurate and canon.” The Director said finally, his face gloomy. No doubt a reflection of the fearsome terror/cruelty which lay underneath Dir's Director Yuki's sweet smile...AHEM!] “Fluffy, cuddly and loveable fluff ball” for hundreds of viewers and followers on and Twitter.

—“Hometown”: The Laboratory of Dr. M. Alleyce on Colony-3, Defense Advanced Research Wing,Omega-3 within the Great Empire of Ahvalen. —“Birth” day: Trial #23, Equatoria 6, Recreational Season [Recresea] in Year of the Emperor [YOTE] 40496 [Earth Equivalent: June 5 1996.]

— Convicted by The Order of Justice of: [Up-to-date as of Equatoria 5, Recreational Season, YOTE 40520[Earth Equivalent: May 25 2020] – Blasphemy Against the Emperor [Punishment: Death] – Illegal Transport of Scientific Cargo [Punishment:1000 rounds of Combustible Ammo] – Transport of Contraband with Adverse Health Affects [Punishment: Death by Lethal Injection] – Acts against carbon-based lifeforms, up to and including organized crime. [Punishment: Recruitment into the Order of Sacrificial Lifeforms] ///DATA OVERLOAD....Loading 4325 additional entries///

—Age: Andromeda: 25 // Earth: 24 —Species: Genetically Enhanced Fox/Man hybrid developed by Dr. Alleyce and her Assistant Dr. D Speir. [Known by Dir Dir. Yuki as “Kitsune”] —Height: 5'7” Andromeda// 5'8” Earth —Weight: 300lbs [97.8% muscle] Andromeda // 225lbs [94% Muscle (“Burgers are delicious”)] Earth —“Family”: Dr. M. Alleyce [In Hiding] Dr. D Speir [Court Researcher in Advanced Projects] Experiments 0-22 [Recycled for DNA Analysis due to various defects] Archknight Experiments 24-29 [All Female, currently MIA] —Profession prior to “rescue” by his wife: CEO of “Ark Import and Exports”, a front for the Omega Syndicate who dealt in arms for foreign powers, as well as the Empire. —Profession following “rescue” by his wife: Vstreamer/Reformed Fox boy/Coder/IT Pro

[Brief Backstory of The Director [From Audio Transcript on Prompt, “Where do you come from, Mr. Mirahiru?”] ]:

So you really, really want to hear about all that? Fine...

I was never born, not as far as anyone fully human would consider birth to be. My first visage of this reality was from the inside of an incubator, slowly growing and becoming larger and larger over the years. I was fed simulations of life, as it had been within the empire for 40k years prior to my being brought into existence.

By the end of that glorified nature documentary on the savagery of this godforsaken empire, I was what Omegians and you Earthlings would consider 18 years of “age”. I had never walked, never spoken, breathed Omega air, and I had never seen anyone more generically evil scientists as Dr. Alleyce and Dr. Speir. The contrast between their alabaster skin, their glowing red spectacles, the glistening of their tight black lab coats and the devilishly excited grins they had stuck to their faces created an aura of pure Malice and Despair. Ironic, isn't it? Dr. Marianova Alleyce II and Dr. Debrinot Speir, their initials sound out Malleyce and DSpeir and that is exactly what I felt as they approached me with sickening grins and an assortment of apparatus to”gauge my combat ability”.

I was unwittingly, a participant in Project Archknight – which was a sickening project by The Empire to raise and or grow fully capable and enhanced super soldiers for their ongoing campaign against Xenos entering Imperial Space who required culling for the sake of Chaos.

Naturally, as any sane of you Xenos would have done...I escaped. How I escaped? That's much too graphic even for someone as chaotic and evil as I or Yuki. [Here, Arch whispered into my ear what he'd done to Dr. Alleyce and Dr. Speir when he'd learned they intended to bend him to their will...and I will agree that even as one who intends to study them in detail...the things this Fox did to what would be considered his gruesome.]

Anywho, to make chapter and chapters of a light novel shorter, basically there I was....a few years after going on the run from a pack of Chaos minded psychopaths...making a small “business” which may or may not have been a hostile Xenos-leaning Criminal Mob...when they finally get the drop on me, see? I guess leaving a trail of bodies, crimes and will do that, huh? [Here, Arch goes on to describe the structure, organization and orders from his underlings as he built up the Omega Syndicate from a group of Experiments like him to a full fledged Criminal Organization. For the sake of brevity, we will leave these escapades for either mentions in future streams or entries in the Archive. The detail is..sickening to put it lightly.]

Over the years, I picked up what I could of computers and used that small bit of knowledge to benefit my “business” cough Omega Syndicate cough. In this situation, it helped a lot...because as I was about to be put under ice by a couple of up-starts...I heard the flutter of what I thought were wings... It turns out to be the wind rippling off of my dear wive's tails as she soared across the smog-filled atmosphere of Omega-3 like a Cyber-Valkyrie [This is like a cyborg whose body has been augmented with airfoils which resemble wings and are trained in medical treatment, hence the name] as I had screamed bloody murder to be saved. Pathetic, I know. As if to hear my prayers though, Yuki came to protect me. I'm not sure what happened to those damned up-starts but I do know the sound of bodies hitting pavement. That was the last sound I heard as she enveloped me in the soft, almost cozy tendrils on a several hour, month, year, I'm not sure anymore....journey to a planet she calls Earth.

When we arrive in looks to be a make-shift spaceship slowly orbiting the Earth, she describes to me the idea of “Vtubing” or “Virtual Streaming” and I take a liking to it. From my perspective, that of a cutthroat forced to make ends meat off the slaughter of innocents? Being a chilled out, calm even, “Vtuber” seems like the kind of eternal vacation I needed. I agree, and the they say here, is history. Are we done now? My wife is probably worried sick without me, and I need to be with her....reliving that “birth of mine...really puts a weird twinge to my personality I don't like. Yuki rushes into the room and hugs me tighter than I've ever been hugged

“Y̸o̷u̸ ̵d̶o̸n̷'̵t̵ ̷h̵a̶v̴e̷ ̶t̸o̶ ̷h̵u̸r̸t̶ ̶a̸n̵y̶o̵n̸e̸ ̴a̴n̸y̴m̵o̴r̴e̸,̸ ̴d̴a̷r̴l̵i̵n̶g̴.̸ ̶Y̵o̶u̶'̸r̸e̴ ̴n̷o̵t̷ ̵a̸ ̵w̵e̴a̴p̴o̵n̸ ̶u̷s̴e̸d̷ ̵f̵o̴r̸ ̵e̶v̷i̸l̸.̶ ̷Y̵o̸u̷ ̵a̷r̷e̴ ̷a̵ ̸b̵r̴i̵n̷g̷e̶r̶ ̶o̵f̸ ̴c̷h̸a̷o̶s̷ ̶a̶n̴d̷ ̷h̶a̸p̵p̷i̵n̶e̷s̴s̸ ̶t̵o̷ ̶t̴h̵o̴s̶e̸ ̴t̸h̶a̴t̴ ̸n̸e̶e̶d̵ ̵a̸ ̶l̷i̴t̷t̴l̵e̸ ̵l̵i̷f̸t̶,̵ ̵a̶ ̷p̷e̵p̶ ̸i̴n̴ ̶t̷h̴e̸i̸r̶ ̶s̵t̵e̴p̴ ̶a̴n̶d̶ ̸a̷ ̷s̷m̵i̸l̶e̵ ̴o̸n̷ ̷t̸h̸e̴i̵r̵ ̴f̵a̵c̴e̴.̵ ̶W̶e̷ ̸c̸a̷n̵ ̶s̸t̷i̸l̵l̶ ̸b̶e̷ ̸e̶v̸i̵l̶,̴ ̷b̴u̴t̸ ̸l̸e̶t̵'̴s̶ ̴b̶e̷ ̷d̵e̶v̸i̶l̸i̶s̴h̷y̶ ̵h̷a̸n̶d̵s̶o̶m̴e̶ ̸i̶n̷s̴t̷e̸a̷d̷,̵ ̷o̵k̸a̶y̴?̵” These were the first words she said after explaining the idea to me...and since then, I've been madly, deeply in love with her. ~<3 Anyway, I gotta run to her now, I'm not Experiment 23 anymore btw. The name's Archknight Mirahiru. I don't belong to that empire anymore, here I am my wife's and with her we will make so many new friends it'll be amazing. I swear by it.


[—REPORT 02 completed, Love finally acquired.—]

[—Data Entry 1 —Lady Chaos, Mrs. Yuki Mirahiru—]

[EDITOR'S [~Yuki-Sama~] NOTE:] F̸o̵r̴ ̴t̸h̴e̴ ̶s̴a̴k̸e̷ ̵o̶f̴ ̸m̴y̸ ̸b̶e̷i̵n̸g̵ ̸a̶b̶l̵e̶ ̷t̷o̶ ̵r̷e̵a̴d̷ ̵i̶t̴ ̸m̸y̷s̸e̸l̶f̶ ̷l̵a̴t̵e̸r̸,̷ ̸t̴h̸i̸s̷ ̵e̸n̸t̴r̴y̸ ̸w̵i̵l̶l̷ ̶b̶e̸ ̷i̴n̵ ̷b̵o̶t̴h̷ ̶D̸a̷r̸l̵i̵n̵g̵'̵s̴ ̵E̴n̴g̸l̶i̷s̸h̴ ̶a̵n̷d̶ ̶m̸y̴ ̴J̶a̵p̷a̷n̵e̷s̶e̶.̶ ̵ ̴T̴h̴a̵n̸k̷ ̷y̵o̷u̸ ̷f̷o̸r̴ ̸u̴n̷d̴e̴r̵s̷t̸a̷n̵d̴i̴n̷g̴.̶B̷u̷t̷ ̵D̵a̵r̴l̸i̴n̶g̶ ̵i̵s̴n̶'̵t̵ ̴a̵l̵l̶o̷w̴e̵d̸ ̶t̴o̷ ̶u̷s̸e̵ ̴m̸y̸ ̴s̷k̴i̵l̸l̴s̶,̴ ̴s̸o̵ ̴i̶t̷ ̶m̵a̷y̸ ̵b̸e̶ ̴a̷w̸f̷u̵l̴ ̴J̶a̷p̷a̴n̵e̸s̵e̶.̷ ̷A̵p̷o̸l̸o̷g̸i̵e̷s̸ ̷i̷n̶ ̵a̸d̴v̶a̴n̷c̷e̶.̶

[編集者[ゆき様]備考]:後で自分で読めるように、このエントリはダーリンの英語と日本語の両方で書かれています。 理解していただきありがとうございます。しかし、ダーリンが私のスキルを使うことを許可されていないので、それはひどい日本語であるかもしれません。 予めお詫び申し上げます。

[Request from the Director] Please be careful with the details of my wife. I don't want to be an endless meat grinder in a nightmare. Have you ever seen what you look like ground to paste? Not recommended.

【所長からのお願い】奥さんの詳細を教えてください。 私は悪夢の中で無限の肉挽き器になりたくありません。 貼り付けるために地面のように見えるものを見たことがありますか? 推奨されません。

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: To describe and explain Dir. Yuki Mirahiru's life prior to her kidna- ///the sound of a chainsaw, along with various curses in Japanese can be heard near the door to The Archive/// Err, her rescue of Director Archknight from Omega-3 in the Andromeda Galaxy and explain how she came to find Arch and er, rescue him from a life of luxury while also turning him into her chaotic little Vtuber husband, who would then go on to found the institute we are standing in now. Also, to explain and expand the purpose and significance of her Majesty Yuki Mirahiru. ~ [ I̵'̶m̷ ̵v̷e̶r̴y̴ ̷h̵u̵m̸b̶l̴e̶,̸ ̴b̷y̷ ̷t̵h̴e̵ ̵w̶a̴y̴.̴ ̴;̸)̶ ̷]

[研究範囲]:Dirを説明し説明する。 結城みらひるの彼女の誘拐犯の前の人生// ///チェーンソーの音と日本語のさまざまな呪いがThe Archiveのドアの近くで聞こえる///アンドロメダ銀河のOmega-3からのArchknight監督の救出Err そして、彼女がどのようにしてArchとerを見つけ、彼を贅沢な生活から救い出すか、そして彼を彼女の混沌とした小さなVtuberの夫に変え、彼らが私たちが今立っている研究所を見つけだすことを説明しました。 陛下ゆきみらひるの目的と意義 [ちなみに私はとても謙虚です。 ;) ]

— Hometown: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan — Birthdate: October 31st, 1972 — Ascension as a Spirit: March 13th, 1998 — Age: FOREVER 25 ~ [D̸i̶s̴a̶g̷r̴e̶e̵m̴e̸n̴t̵ ̸i̵s̷ ̸g̴r̷o̷u̷n̵d̷s̸ ̵f̶o̵r̵ ̶u̴n̴-̸l̶i̸f̵i̴n̷g̸] — Species: Nekomata/Human — Height: PRIOR TO ASCENSION: 5'2” – FOLLOWING ASCENSION: 6'2” — Weight: Spectral, like Senjougahara before the operation. — Family: ........None that still live. — Profession Prior to Ascension: Assassin. [The Director's Director refused to elaborate, unless I was willing to have my tongue take that as you will.]


-出身地:東京都渋谷区 -生年月日:1972年10月31日 -霊としての昇天:1998年3月13日 -年齢:FOREVER 25〜[意見の不一致は問題解決の根拠] -種:猫又/人 -高さ:昇天前:5'2 “-昇順:6'2” -重量:手術前の戦場ヶ原のようなスペクトル。 -家族:........まだ生きている者はいません。 -アセンション前の職業:アサシン。 [部長の部長は、私が私の舌を取り除くつもりでなかった場合を除いて、詳しく説明することを拒否しました.]

[The Director's Director's Brief Backstory [Transcript from prompt, “So where did you come from, Mrs. Mirahiru?” before offering his tongue to her]

M̷e̵.̵.̷.̷?̸ ̵P̷e̵o̶p̶l̶e̵ ̴r̶e̴a̸l̵l̸y̴ ̷w̷a̸n̶t̴ ̸t̷o̶ ̷h̷e̸a̸r̷.̵.̶.̵T̶H̴A̵T̴?̷ ̶A̸h̶.̷.̸.̸w̶e̴l̸l̸ ̴a̷l̸r̴i̶g̷h̷t̷.̵ ̴ ̵ ̷M̷y̶ ̸n̸a̷m̵e̵ ̷ ̵i̴s̵ ̸Y̷u̶k̸i̶ ̵M̷i̴r̸a̸h̶i̸r̷u̷,̵ ̷m̵y̸ ̸f̶a̶t̶h̷e̷r̴ ̶w̵a̸s̴ ̷a̷ ̶h̸u̵m̶a̵n̸ ̷n̴a̸m̶e̸d̶ ̵S̵h̷i̶r̶o̴u̴ ̷M̸i̶r̷a̴h̵i̵r̶u̴ ̴a̷n̵d̶ ̴m̷y̸ ̷m̶o̷t̶h̷e̷r̶ ̴w̶a̵s̶ ̷a̶ ̶N̵e̵k̷o̷m̷a̴t̴a̷ ̵n̵a̴m̴e̵d̴ ̷K̷a̴n̵e̶m̶o̶t̵o̶ ̶M̷i̸r̶a̷h̵i̴r̴u̴.̵ ̵I̶ ̷d̶o̵n̵'̷t̶ ̴r̵e̷m̷e̸m̸b̸e̸r̷ ̷e̷x̷a̵c̸t̶l̶y̵ ̷h̸o̴w̴ ̷F̴a̶t̸h̷e̵r̸ ̵m̶e̸t̵ ̶M̷o̷t̴h̴e̵r̸,̷ ̷b̴u̶t̸ ̵I̵ ̵d̸o̸ ̴r̵e̸m̶e̵m̵b̷e̸r̸ ̴h̵o̴w̵ ̵M̵o̶t̵h̷e̶r̸ ̴u̶s̸e̴d̶ ̴t̶o̶ ̸a̸l̴w̵a̵y̷s̴ ̵t̶a̸l̷k̵ ̷a̷b̴o̷u̷t̵ ̷i̵t̶.̴.̴.̴b̷e̸f̵o̵r̶e̴ ̴s̶h̸e̶.̸.̵.̵̵s̷t̸i̶f̶l̸e̵s̵ ̷a̵ ̷t̷e̶a̵r̵̴ ̵u̸m̴.̶.̵.̶b̵u̴t̶ ̵y̶e̶a̴h̶.̸ ̶ ̶ ̶M̷o̴t̷h̷e̷r̸ ̶i̵n̶t̸e̷n̵d̴e̸d̵ ̵t̸o̶ ̵e̸a̴t̵ ̴t̶h̸e̸ ̴s̴o̸u̴l̷ ̴o̴f̴ ̸F̴a̷t̷h̸e̵r̴,̵ ̸b̴u̸t̴ ̵h̶e̵ ̸s̷e̶d̶u̴c̸e̷d̴ ̷h̷e̷r̸ ̵u̵s̵i̵n̴g̷ ̸n̸o̸t̴ ̸f̸e̵a̴r̵,̸ ̴o̴r̶ ̴v̴i̵o̶l̶e̷n̸t̸ ̶f̸o̴r̶c̵e̸ ̴b̵u̴t̸ ̸t̶h̶r̷o̶u̵g̶h̸ ̵s̵h̶e̴e̷r̷ ̶k̵i̸n̸d̷n̵e̶s̸s̵ ̷a̷n̴d̵ ̵a̷n̸ ̷o̸p̶e̶n̴ ̶h̸e̸a̶r̶t̶.̷ ̸”̷K̵i̴l̷l̵ ̶m̴e̷,̶ ̷i̵f̴ ̴i̵t̸ ̵w̸i̶l̵l̶ ̸s̵a̵v̴e̵ ̷b̵u̸t̴ ̶o̸n̷e̶ ̸l̶i̶f̸e̵.̴ ̴B̵u̵t̸ ̸i̵f̴ ̵y̶o̶u̶ ̸c̷a̶n̶n̸o̸t̷,̷ ̶t̵h̵e̵n̸ ̸l̶e̸t̵ ̵m̴e̷ ̷g̴i̷v̷e̷ ̶y̷o̵u̶ ̸a̶ ̴h̷o̸m̵e̴ ̴t̶o̵ ̶r̶e̵s̸i̸d̴e̷ ̸b̷o̷t̴h̸ ̸h̷e̷r̴e̵ ̵a̵n̷d̵ ̷i̵n̷ ̶m̴y̵ ̷h̵e̸a̶r̶t̵ ̴a̷n̶d̶ ̷y̶o̸u̷ ̴s̵h̸a̶l̴l̷ ̷n̷e̷v̵e̸r̷ ̴n̴e̴e̷d̵ ̵h̶u̸n̸g̷e̴r̸ ̴f̷o̷r̶ ̴s̴o̵u̴l̷s̷ ̶a̸g̵a̷i̸n̷.̷”̵ ̷M̷o̵t̴h̸e̵r̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶d̸ ̴t̷o̸ ̸s̷a̶y̵ ̶t̶h̶a̸t̵ ̴F̴a̷t̴h̸e̵r̷ ̴s̵a̷i̸d̵ ̷t̴h̸a̷t̷.̷ ̴I̵ ̶n̷e̸v̶e̴r̵ ̵k̸n̵e̸w̸ ̴F̷a̸t̸h̴e̷r̷.̴.̶.̸.̴h̴e̴.̴.̵.̶w̸e̸l̴l̸,̸ ̴h̷e̶ ̵w̶a̷s̶ ̶a̷ ̷Y̷a̴k̴u̷z̸a̸ ̶a̷n̴d̷ ̷j̶u̵s̷t̴ ̴b̴e̷f̸o̷r̸e̴ ̴I̸ ̴w̸a̶s̸ ̸b̸o̵r̴n̴ ̶h̸e̷.̴.̶.̷w̶e̸l̶l̸.̵.̸ ̵L̸e̶t̷'̸s̶ ̷s̵a̶y̴ ̶i̴t̶ ̶t̸h̸u̷s̴l̶y̶,̷ ̵m̸y̵ ̴f̵i̸r̶s̶t̷ ̸v̵i̵s̴a̷g̷e̶ ̷o̸f̶ ̴t̴h̵e̶ ̶w̷o̴r̵l̵d̵ ̵w̵a̴s̶ ̴o̵f̶ ̸m̸y̴ ̵f̴a̴t̶h̴e̴r̸ ̴b̴e̶i̵n̵g̸ ̶d̶i̸c̷e̴d̵ ̵a̴n̴d̵ ̶s̷l̴i̴c̷e̴d̴ ̶i̸n̵ ̶t̸h̷e̶ ̴o̷p̵e̵r̴a̸t̷i̸n̶g̵ ̷r̵o̷o̴m̶ ̷t̶o̷ ̴w̴h̷e̵n̶c̵e̶ ̴m̶y̵ ̶m̵o̸t̷h̷e̸r̸ ̸h̶a̸d̵ ̵g̸i̶v̷e̵n̷ ̴b̴i̴r̶t̸h̵ ̵t̶o̵ ̸m̶e̶.̷ ̶ ̴N̷e̴e̴d̸l̶e̵s̵s̶ ̷t̵o̸ ̴s̶a̷y̶.̵.̷.̶.̸m̸y̶ ̴c̸h̷i̴l̴d̶h̸o̷o̵d̶ ̶w̵a̷s̸ ̵s̷p̵e̴n̸t̷ ̶b̴e̵i̵n̶g̵ ̸t̸r̶a̷i̴n̷e̴d̵ ̷i̴n̵ ̸c̴o̵m̸b̵a̴t̶ ̵t̴o̷ ̸a̸v̶e̴n̶g̴e̶ ̴m̴y̵ ̵f̷a̸t̷h̸e̵r̴'̵s̴ ̶h̵o̴n̶o̶u̴r̸ ̶a̴s̶ ̴M̴o̶t̴h̵e̸r̶ ̶c̷o̸u̶l̷d̶ ̵o̴n̶l̶y̴ ̷g̷i̷v̶e̶ ̷h̸i̷m̴ ̸a̶ ̵d̸a̸u̷g̶h̷t̷e̵r̴ ̵b̷e̴f̷o̸r̶e̷ ̷t̷h̵e̷ ̶r̶i̴v̷a̷l̸ ̵f̶a̴m̶i̶l̸y̵.̵.̶.̸y̶e̵s̴.̴.̶ ̸I̴ ̷d̷i̶d̴ ̶g̵e̴t̵ ̵t̵o̵ ̵l̵i̸s̵t̴e̸n̶ ̸t̴o̴ ̷m̶u̵s̶i̷c̸,̶ ̴w̶h̸i̸c̶h̸ ̶h̷e̸l̵p̸s̸ ̸m̷e̴ ̵m̶e̶ ̶r̴e̵m̵e̶m̸b̷e̶r̶ ̸t̷h̷e̷ ̶l̶i̷t̴t̷l̸e̷ ̵r̵a̴y̸s̷ ̷o̸f̴ ̷l̶i̸g̴h̴t̴ ̸i̸n̴ ̴m̸y̶ ̵p̶r̷e̸-̶a̷s̵c̷e̴n̵s̴i̴o̸n̵ ̴l̵i̷f̵e̴.̶ ̸ ̵I̷n̵ ̴M̵a̷r̶c̸h̵ ̸o̶f̵ ̴m̸y̴ ̵2̶5̶t̶h̴ ̷y̵e̷a̶r̴ ̸o̵f̴ ̵l̵i̷f̷e̷,̷ ̶K̷a̸m̵i̶-̴s̸a̸m̵a̸ ̷d̵e̵c̸i̸d̵e̵d̶ ̴t̵h̶a̴t̴ ̴d̴r̷a̵m̸a̴t̸i̸c̵ ̴i̴r̵o̶n̶y̸ ̶w̶o̷u̶l̸d̵ ̷b̸e̶ ̴m̴y̷ ̴r̷e̸w̶a̷r̶d̸ ̵f̵o̵r̵ ̵r̴i̸s̶i̵n̷g̴ ̷t̴o̶ ̴t̷h̴e̴ ̸r̸a̶n̶k̸ ̵o̸f̷ ̵S̴g̶t̵ ̴i̵n̵ ̷m̸y̸ ̷F̸a̷m̸i̷l̴y̶'̷s̸ ̸c̴l̵a̵n̸.̴ ̵F̸o̶r̸ ̷j̴u̵s̶t̸ ̷a̸s̴ ̴I̷ ̶b̵e̷g̶a̷n̵ ̴s̷e̵e̴k̷i̸n̶g̴ ̵a̸ ̴s̶u̵i̷t̵o̸r̴.̸.̷.̴I̵ ̴d̶i̵e̷d̷ ̷i̷n̷ ̵t̷h̷e̶ ̷s̷a̴m̸e̴ ̵w̶a̸y̶ ̵a̵s̷ ̵m̵y̴ ̸f̶a̸t̶h̵e̴r̶ ̷b̵e̶f̷o̷r̶e̶ ̷m̸e̷.̷ ̸M̷o̴t̵h̴e̷r̸ ̴h̸a̵d̸ ̵l̸o̶n̷g̵ ̶s̸i̴n̵c̵e̶ ̴r̵u̵n̷ ̷o̵f̵f̸ ̶w̵i̵t̵h̴ ̸a̷ ̴h̴i̴g̶h̸e̷r̸ ̵r̶a̶n̸k̸i̸n̸g̶ ̵Y̷a̶k̴u̸z̴a̶ ̵w̴h̵o̶ ̶d̷i̵s̷o̴w̶n̵e̷d̵ ̴m̶e̸ ̶s̷o̵o̵n̵ ̷a̵f̶t̴e̷r̵ ̸I̵ ̶o̶f̸f̶i̴c̸i̷a̵l̷l̵y̴ ̵j̶o̴i̷n̵e̸d̸ ̷t̷h̵e̸ ̷c̶l̸a̴n̴.̴ ̶ ̶ ̶T̵h̵e̴n̷,̷ ̴a̵s̴ ̵m̶y̴ ̴l̵i̴f̶e̸ ̸s̸l̸o̸w̸l̶y̷ ̵e̵b̷b̷e̴d̵ ̴a̵n̸d̴ ̷f̵l̴o̶w̴e̵d̴ ̸f̶r̴o̶m̶ ̸t̶h̵e̷ ̶p̴i̷e̵c̸e̷s̴ ̷o̶f̸ ̴m̸e̷ ̴o̴n̷c̶e̴ ̴c̵a̷l̸l̴e̴d̷ ̴Y̶u̶k̸i̴.̴.̴.̸a̷ ̸K̴a̴m̸i̵ ̷c̵a̷m̷e̴ ̴d̸o̷w̷n̴ ̶t̶o̷ ̴m̴e̶,̴ ̷a̸n̴d̴ ̴o̸f̴f̸e̵r̶e̶d̶ ̸m̶e̸ ̴e̷t̶e̸r̶n̴a̸l̵ ̴l̷i̸f̶e̴.̷.̸.̷f̴o̵r̸ ̶a̷ ̶p̸r̴i̵c̸e̷.̶ ̷E̶v̴e̴r̶y̵t̵h̴i̷n̷g̵ ̴c̵o̷s̵t̴s̶ ̸s̷o̸m̸e̷t̷h̶i̵n̴g̸,̴ ̷y̷o̶u̸ ̴k̵n̴o̸w̷?̶ ̸ ̶ ̴M̴y̸ ̸p̷r̵i̸c̵e̸,̶ ̴w̸a̷s̷ ̸t̸o̵ ̸s̴p̷r̷e̴a̴d̵ ̵c̷h̸a̵o̴s̴ ̵a̴n̴d̶ ̴s̴o̴w̴ ̸d̷e̴s̸p̷a̷i̸r̵.̶.̸.̸b̷u̶t̶ ̷I̵ ̷f̵o̸u̴n̷d̸ ̸n̷o̸ ̴h̵a̴p̷p̷i̷n̵e̵s̵s̸ ̶i̵n̷ ̵t̵h̵i̶s̷ ̵e̵i̷t̵h̶e̷r̶.̷.̶.̴ ̵T̸h̵a̴t̴ ̸w̴a̵s̴ ̶w̸h̴e̶n̷,̸ ̸a̵s̶ ̸I̸ ̸s̸c̸o̴u̷r̸e̷d̴ ̷t̸h̷e̷ ̸E̶a̸r̸t̸h̴ ̶s̴o̴w̷i̸n̵g̴ ̵m̶i̷s̴e̷r̶y̶ ̴a̸n̸d̶ ̷d̶e̵s̸p̴a̸i̶r̷ ̴a̶s̵ ̵a̵n̷ ̶e̸t̷e̸r̶n̵a̴l̵ ̸r̶e̶a̴p̶e̴r̵ ̶o̴f̵ ̶s̶o̵u̴l̴s̷.̶.̵.̷I̸ ̸h̶e̷a̸r̶d̴ ̸a̵ ̸v̵o̷i̷c̶e̴.̸ ̴D̴a̸r̸l̷i̵n̸g̶'̵s̷ ̸v̷o̸i̸c̵e̶.̶ ̷I̴ ̶t̴r̴a̵v̷e̴l̷e̴d̵ ̷f̶o̴r̴ ̷w̴h̸a̸t̵ ̸f̷e̵l̴t̸ ̸l̷i̶k̶e̷ ̶e̴o̵n̷s̷.̴.̷.̴.̴u̶n̴t̵i̴l̴ ̶I̵ ̷c̴a̶m̵e̸ ̸u̶p̸o̶n̸ ̷h̷i̴m̵ ̷l̷a̶y̵i̵n̶g̵ ̵i̵n̴ ̸a̵ ̵s̶t̶u̸p̵o̸r̶,̴ ̶a̷b̸o̶u̶t̸ ̵t̶o̶ ̸b̴e̶ ̸f̶i̴l̵l̴e̵t̶e̵d̶ ̴l̸i̵k̴e̶ ̴a̶ ̷f̸o̷x̵-̷b̸a̷s̵e̴d̶ ̴b̶e̸n̴t̵o̵u̵ ̴b̸o̴x̸ ̷b̴y̶ ̴t̷h̵e̵s̶e̸ ̸r̴o̶u̸g̶h̶ ̴l̷o̵o̷k̷i̶n̴g̵ ̶h̴u̸m̶a̵n̷o̷i̴d̵s̵.̷ ̸B̵y̵ ̴t̷h̴e̴ ̸t̵i̷m̴e̷ ̵I̸ ̶w̸r̴a̸p̷p̵e̸d̵ ̸h̷i̴m̶ ̴i̶n̴ ̸m̶y̶ ̶t̶a̶i̴l̷s̶,̶ ̴w̵e̴ ̶h̶e̷a̸r̴d̴ ̷o̵f̸ ̶t̸h̶i̸s̷ ̶t̵h̴i̸n̶g̷ ̴c̷a̸l̸l̸e̶d̷ ̶V̵t̸u̶b̸i̵n̵g̵.̷.̷.̶n̴a̵t̴u̵r̴a̸l̷l̶y̴,̷ ̴s̴i̵n̵c̵e̷ ̸D̷a̴r̸l̸i̴n̸g̸ ̸i̴s̶ ̷D̶a̶r̵l̷i̸n̷g̶.̴.̸.̸w̸e̷ ̷d̵e̶c̵i̷d̵e̸d̶ ̶t̸o̸ ̷b̵e̵c̴o̵m̸e̸ ̸s̵u̷c̷h̶ ̸V̴t̵u̵b̶e̵r̶ ̵t̵h̷i̷n̴g̶s̵.̴.̶.̵F̴o̴r̷ ̵C̵h̷a̵o̶s̷ ̷a̸s̷ ̵c̷o̷m̶m̷a̸n̸d̷e̵d̴ ̸b̸y̵ ̶t̴h̴e̸ ̴K̷a̶m̴i̷ ̸w̴h̸i̸c̸h̶ ̷g̸i̶v̸e̴s̴ ̶m̴e̴ ̵e̸t̸e̶r̵n̷a̵l̴ ̵l̸i̸f̶e̵,̸ ̵a̶n̸d̷ ̷a̴s̶ ̴m̶y̵ ̸D̸a̶r̵l̷i̴n̶g̶ ̸h̸u̵s̷b̶a̴n̵d̷ ̶c̸a̵n̵ ̴b̵r̶i̷n̵g̴.̷ ̴ ̴B̶u̵t̷ ̸w̵e̷ ̶f̶o̵u̸n̷d̵ ̶a̴ ̷l̸o̵o̵p̸h̴o̷l̴e̸ ̶i̴n̵ ̶t̶h̵a̸t̵ ̴b̵a̴s̵t̶a̸r̷d̴ ̸K̶a̸m̴i̴'̵s̴ ̸p̶l̸a̷n̴.̷.̷.̴n̵o̷t̷ ̴a̵l̶l̸ ̸C̵h̷a̴o̴s̸ ̵i̴s̶ ̶p̸u̴r̵e̷l̶y̴ ̶d̸e̸s̴p̸a̴i̸r̴ ̴o̵r̸ ̵s̸t̶r̷i̵f̸e̸.̵ ̷S̷o̷m̵e̴ ̵c̶h̵a̸o̵s̶ ̵s̴e̴e̵m̷s̶ ̷e̵v̶i̶l̷,̸ ̷b̴u̶t̴ ̶c̸a̸n̶ ̴m̷a̸k̸e̷ ̸p̵e̶o̶p̴l̶e̵ ̷s̶m̶i̶l̷e̷.̵ ̸S̸o̶,̵ ̵w̵e̵ ̵d̶e̴c̷i̴d̴e̸d̴ ̵t̵h̸e̷n̸ ̸t̷h̴a̸t̸ ̸w̵e̸ ̷w̴o̷u̷l̵d̴ ̶s̵t̴o̵p̴ ̷t̶h̵e̸ ̶c̷y̴c̷l̴e̵ ̵o̵f̸ ̴h̷a̴t̵e̸ ̷a̶n̵d̸ ̶d̷e̶s̷p̴a̵i̷r̴.̴.̵.̵f̴o̶r̷ ̶a̵ ̸l̸i̷t̴t̴l̶e̴ ̷w̶h̵i̸l̴e̶.̶ ̸Y̵e̴s̵,̷ ̸w̷e̵ ̷a̵r̶e̷ ̴e̸v̶i̴l̸.̷ ̶C̶h̵a̵o̶t̶i̶c̶a̷l̸l̷y̸ ̶e̴v̴i̵l̸,̵ ̴b̷u̴t̵ ̸e̵v̴e̵n̶ ̵E̷v̷i̴l̶ ̴k̷n̸o̴w̸s̷ ̸t̷h̵e̵i̸r̷ ̶l̸i̶m̷i̶t̴s̵.̶ ̸W̶e̶ ̷o̶n̴l̸y̶ ̸w̵i̶s̶h̵ ̴t̶o̵ ̷s̴p̴r̴e̶a̷d̷ ̴G̶o̴o̵d̶ ̷C̶h̴a̵o̶s̸ ̷a̵n̶d̸ ̶r̵e̸t̴u̷r̴n̷ ̵s̴m̶i̶l̸e̶s̷ ̷t̸o̴ ̸a̴ ̸w̷h̴o̸l̶l̴y̸ ̴l̸o̴n̵e̶l̵y̵ ̷w̸o̸r̴l̶d̴.̸.̵.̵.̷.̶A̵r̸e̸.̵.̵.̶.̸A̷r̵e̶ ̶w̴e̵ ̷f̵i̶n̷a̶l̷l̴y̸ ̵d̵o̶n̷e̶?̷ ̶̷t̶e̶a̸r̸s̷ ̵h̴a̴v̴e̴ ̵b̸e̸e̵n̵ ̴r̶o̵l̴l̵i̴n̸g̵ ̷d̶o̸w̵n̷ ̷f̷r̸o̸m̷ ̴h̴e̵r̵ ̷c̴h̶e̵e̵k̴s̸ ̵f̴o̴r̴ ̵a̵w̵h̴i̸l̴e̸ ̷n̴o̷w̷̶ ̷T̵h̷a̴n̷k̸.̷.̷.̴t̴h̴a̷n̵k̸ ̷K̶a̴m̸i̸.̴.̴.̸”̵D̵a̴r̸l̸i̷n̸g̷.̴.̶.̶”̴ Yuki says, hearing his voice call out to her from outside the chamber, banging on the door. ̵”̸D̴a̵r̵l̸i̴n̸g̸?̷ ̵I̸s̷ ̶t̵h̷a̶t̴ ̶y̶o̸u̴?̷ ̸I̶t̶'̵s̶ ̴f̸i̴n̶a̵l̷l̸y̶ ̴d̵o̴n̵e̴,̵ ̷D̷a̴r̶l̴i̵n̵g̶!̵~̴ ̸I̵ ̸l̵o̷v̸e̵ ̵y̴o̷u̷,̵ ̴m̵y̸ ̸r̴e̶l̷i̸e̶f̶ ̶f̸r̶o̷m̸ ̶d̶e̵s̷p̷a̶i̸r̶.̶ ̵M̸y̷ ̵l̷i̶t̵t̸l̶e̵ ̸G̷u̷a̵r̴d̶i̴a̸n̸ ̶F̸o̷x̴ ̶B̴o̸y̸.̴ ̴Y̵o̷u̷r̵s̴ ̸i̷s̸ ̵t̴h̴e̶ ̷o̸n̷l̸y̵ ̴v̵o̵i̴c̵e̵ ̴t̶h̵a̴t̸ ̸c̷a̶n̷ ̷c̷a̶l̶m̷ ̸t̴h̶i̷s̵ ̵h̸e̸a̵r̴t̸ ̶o̴f̴ ̶m̸i̴n̷e̶.̸.̴.̷.̸”̵



母は父の魂を食べるつもりでしたが、恐れや暴力ではなく、純粋な優しさと心の開放で彼女を誘惑しました。 「命を救うだけなら、私を殺してください。もしそうでなければ、ここと私の心の両方に住む家をあげましょう。二度と魂の飢えを必要としないでしょう。」母は父が言ったことをよく言った。私は父を知りませんでした...彼は...まあ、彼はヤクザで、私が生まれる直前に彼は...まあ。手術室で母が私を産んだところから。




しかし、私たちはあの野郎カミの計画に抜け穴を見つけました...すべてのカオスが純粋に絶望や争いをしているわけではありません。いくつかのカオスは悪いように見えますが、人々を笑顔にすることができます。それで、私たちはそれから憎しみと絶望のサイクルを止めることに決めました...しばらくの間。はい、私たちは悪です。無秩序に邪悪ですが、邪悪でさえ彼らの限界を知っています。私たちは、良いカオスを広め、笑顔を完全に孤独な世界に戻したいだけです。 しばらくの間、彼女の頬から涙が流れてきましたありがとう...神に感謝...「最愛の人...」ユキは、部屋の外から彼女の声がドアに叩きつけられるのを聞いて言った。 「ダーリン?それはあなたですか?それが最後に終わりました、ダーリン!〜愛しています、絶望からの救済。私の小さな守護神フォックスボーイ。あなたの声が私の心を落ち着かせる唯一の声です...」

Archivist starts to cry and calls for The Director immediately, who rushes and holds Yuki in his arms “ treat that woman like the Queen she is, do you hear me?!” The Archivist says, before trying to escape to his chamber to listen to happy music as The Director and his Queen activate the sound system within the Interview Chamber to dance to “La La Love Song” for the duration of the recording.



[—The Ghoulie Den Archive /// An Introduction to Chaos—]

[SCOPE OF RESEARCH]: The documentation and expansion of The Mirahiru Family's past and present – because only Ghoulies can affect or document the future.

[NOTE FROM THE SUBJECTS OF STUDY]: If you're reading this, you've taken an interest in the life and un-life of Archknight and Yuki Mirahiru. Thank you for your interest in our lives, as well as the lore and love on the other side of the Twitch Chaos/Scuffiness.

[////Congratulations!~////] Welcome to the Ghoulie Den Archive, compiled under ruling of the Chaos Gumi and associated organizations. We here at what shall now be referred to as The Archive, thank you for choosing us for your edge-lord and Vtuber Lore needs and hope we can meet or exceed your needs for “MOAR LORE, lmao” to quote our Director and Director's Director, Archknight and Yuki themselves respectively.

Our mission is simple, to document and expand upon that which Archknight or Yuki would care to forget..and things even they may not quite recall, either by choice or....other means. We will hazard to, within this Ever-Expanding Archive, explain or at least justify the chaos which Mr. and Mrs. Mirahiru cause, or have caused throughout this realm....and maybe others. Every tome within this Archive is to be considered canon, but as with all things, is subject to change via the forces of Chaos.

[Report 00: Chaos] But just what is Chaos? That question is what we will hazard to calculate within what little time we have left in this report. Director Archknight advises that we keep these reports as terse as we can, but that we are free to explain just as freely in that allotted time. Returning to our original question, what is this “Good Chaos” to which the aforementioned Director refers to?

Well, dearest readers it is his Chaos. Chaos exists within two separate forms within the understanding of Yuki and Arch: That which is good, or is at least constructive and that which is bad and troll-like. Hence, Good Chaos and Bad Chaos. To expunge upon this idea, think of Yin/Yang but to which both ends are evil. There is no good, only varying shades of malevolent and twisted. If one is evil, but holds their hand out to others when they require assistance, this is Good Chaos. But if one is evil, and instead hits the aforementioned other with a truck because “the best way I could help him is to isekai him,” this is kind of hilariou- ER, I mean, totally pure evil and therefore is Bad Chaos.

The harbinger of this Chaos is Yu- Ominous growling noise from within The Archive well, she helps bring Chaos with Archknight. Growling subsists a bit Anyway, that is a brief explanation of Chaos. Look forward to more reports between Archknight and Yuki's Streams. ~

May Chaos and Good Tidings be with you.


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